The Fast & the Frenchier

The weekly shop is always a treat for Alex.

Sporting his new hairdo, Alex happily played with his new car (less than 50p – cheaper than when I bought them as a kid!!!).

When Chris takes him shopping she always goes down the toy aisle first, then Alex chooses a small model car. This then keeps him entertained for the rest of the trip.

As well as the car, he munches on bits of French bread. Quite often he’ll much through 1/4 of a big stick! He always asks for for it, and it is better than sweets!


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One response to “The Fast & the Frenchier

  • Grandad

    “Skinhead” I remember my first cut, but times were hard in those days……and you could get away with it.

    Got the Vintage Sports Car Club here on Saturday over 100 pre 1949 cars sprinting against the clock around the circuit……..FOC.

    Next week sees the AC Owners club an opportunity to see some more elderly motor vehicles.

    Start 0900……….gates open 0630.


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