Speedway Squad revisited

Okay, so as I wrote about Tweetering and Twittering, I realised I had not told you about another amazing thing that happened to me the other day (look, you have to take pleasure in all the good things, no matter how great or small, because there is to much crap around that will get you down other wise).

I mentioned Speedway Squad before – but since then I have actually written to the guys involved. I just like the way they talk and joke about stuff in a way that only a close group of friends can really talk – They just “get” each other, and you can feel the camaraderie in their discussions. It’s not really one for kids, as some of the subjects are more “post watershed”, but I love it.

It is very much like the feeling I get from Bill Bryson’s “Thunderbolt Kid” – Although I didn’t grow up with these people (the Squad or Bryson), the tales they tell just ring true to events that have either happened to me and my friends – or are similar to those events. Although the Squad and Bryson are very different, they both bring me good and bad memories of things I have done, or of things that are going on – and that is what makes them great: A connection is made.

I wrote to Speedway Squad to thank them for such a great broadcast series of podcasts, and to let them know that the way thay talk and interact makes me feel like I could be sitting around the table with them, discussing these things – as although we are oceans apart, the events ring true and I laugh with them – not at them.

Well… once more, laying in bed staring at the ceiling and listening to the iPhone’s iPod… I have a Speedway Squad podcast on and I’m chuckling to myself over this issues subjects…a bit more risquét than the other podcasts, but still making links and appealing to one side of my sense of humour… and then they give me a “Hello” in the podcast. That just put a massive grin on my face – and if you guys drop in here, then thanks for that!!! I really appreciated it, as my back problem has had me feeling pretty low (horizontal mostly) recently.

The moral to all this – as I said at the start: Enjoy the little things – no matter how insignificant they may seem to others, because life throws a lot of crap our way and every moment that can brighten that up should be enjoyed…to the max!

Speedway Squad can be found at their web pages: www.speedwaysquad.com (if they’ve paid the bills) – which also link to their podcasts on iTunes.


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