Race against time

Part of my plan for my week off was to move Alex from his small box room into the big double room which up until now has been a….erm…..mess.

The double was originally a workshop for my riflery and home improvements, but it soon became over run with general household stuff that didn’t live anywhere else. It eventually got to a state where it was good for nothing – no floor space, no room to move.

As you can imagine then, moving Alex was going to be a massive task, as it had to be done in a day. We don’t have much space as it is, so moving anything inthe house is like playing those letter grid games – the type with 8 tiles in a 3×3 grid, and you have to slide the bits around….

Come the end of the day we had managed it though – with Alexs help of course! I have never seen him so hyped up and excited as it slowly dawned on him what was going on. It made it all worth while!

Tomorrow all of his toys from around the house will make there way into his room – and we’ll get some space to move in the rest of the house!

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