Fed up and tyred

Bad day keeps snowballing today!!!

I left for work… turned out of a T-Junction and headed up the road. I gave way to another car at a traffic calming narrowing in the road (built up concrete kerbs made to narrow the traffic to a single lane and slow it down). I moved out and drove up to the next traffic calming section – this time it was sign posted as my right of way. It’s on a dodgy bit of road with low visibility (that’s why it is there, after all), I moved out and around it…and a car came around the corner towards me with no intention of stopping…. I swung to one side…BANG into the kerb…..

I drove carefully to a garage (I needed fuel anyway). One look at the wheel and I knew I needed a new tyre. It was bulged out on the side wall. No other damage luckily.

Okay…. 22 days since my last tyre change… 13 days prior to that I had another tyre change… This is becoming a habit…

I called the mechanic to come out and fix it (company car maintenance). Mean time I realised I had left my laptop power supply at home, so I phoned Chris to bring it out to me.

An hour or so later Chris turns up…flustered…. She was stuck in traffic and the exhaust fell off of her car…. Great!!!

So Chris and Alex get stuck at my work – Her car with no exhaust and mine awaiting the tyre guy to turn up. Alex was hungry, so I carefully headed out to the local shop (I left a message with my work that I’d be gone 10 minutes – just in-case the tyre guy turned up). I wasn’t 2 minutes up the road and I got a call saying the tyre guy was there! Argh…I turned around and went back to get my car fixed.

Luckily there is a garage across from my work, so I booked Chris’s car in for the exhaust work. It’s all money though. Chris and Alex had to stay at my work in the canteen for the rest of the day and my work load was typical of having two days at a show…which wasn’t great on top of trying to sort out two cars… Didn’t we all have fun!

What a start to the day… I reckon the hotel owner from yesterday has put a curse on me for not eating in… It’s either that or the testing of the new particle super collider in Switzerland this morning hasn’t destroyed the World (oh how the general public though it would…)… but it sent out a dodgy life altering ripple that just  had negative results on just me!!!

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