Alex at the Plough (…Furrow)

It was our 6th Wedding Anniversary today, so I treated Chris and Alex to a trip to “The Plough on the Hill” near Amersham.

Soon to be renamed as “The Furrow”, the pub is run by a great chap called Sam – a new friend who I met through another friend…Will King (at the Azor Tour Launch). Circles in circles!

The food was really great. Chris had a really tasty burger and a bucket of chips (really…) and I had the ploughman’s (drooool – it was superb). Somehow Chris managed to take a big bite from a slab of butter (probably otherwise occupied with a crazy Alex). Admittedly it was next to the cheese chunks, but really…I had to laugh though, as I looked at her plate and there was this perfect 30mm square block of butter with a huge corner removed and teeth marks!!!


To finish off we had some ice cream and sorbet (made at the Furrrr…Plough…well….Plough at he moment). It was really superb – Very mouth watering and perfect for a summer day (yes….we had one!!!)

Alex at the Plough (Furrow)


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