Just another iPhone demo…and contemplation…


Well, one of the guys at work wanted one of the other older guys to see what technology is today. At 80 years old (he does some part time light work- great man) he has seen a lot and it makes me wonder what will be there for me when I’m 80….


Me and my Dad (Early 1970’s)

My Dad was born in 1920…radio was just becoming a practical thing, and tv was some way off. “Modern” aviation was wobbling under fledgling wings and commercial air travel was just “taking off”….although it may well have been quicker and safer to walk…

My Dad in the 50's

My Dad in the 50's

I look at the changes he must have seen and it fills me with fascination at what will come. Mobile phones…they weren’t even a thing of contemplation! They hadn’t even been a “science of tomorrow!!!!”….they didn’t exist in any form whatsoever!

So, it’s all very well thinking about what advances may come to products we already have, but I wonder what totally new things will appear….


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