Soggy visits – and more iPhone shenanigans…

Today we took another walk to the lake, where we were joined by our good friend Sudeep – (“Soggy”).

Lake Walk and Splasher

Chris wanted to mow the lawn and do some gardening, and Alex is so very helpful in a toddler type way… I took him to the lake so he couldn’t be so “helpful”…. anyway, he had wanted to splash in puddles the day before but he didn’t have his boots on. This time he was booted and prepared!

Lake Walk and Splasher

Okay… in hindsight fisherman’s boots or a wet suit would have been a better idea, as Alex soon found the depth of fun exceeded the depth of water! Several times I was called on to empty a large amount of puddle or lake from his boots. Yup….they are water tight boots alright…. not one drop leaked out…

Lake Walk and Splasher

Alex had loads of fun getting soaked through – but that’s what being a toddler is all about!!!

We hadn’t seen Soggy for a few months – which is criminal as we only live a few hundred metres apart (the curse of modern life?). As you may well know from earlier blog entries, he’s an engineer/pilot friend of ours – so as Alex splashed, we discussed some aviation based applications on the iPhone. Yes – if you are a pilot, the iPhone has plenty of calculators that can be added to it, which makes it even more of a versatile tool!

Soggy hadn’t really seen an iPhone up close before (many people haven’t – and the curse of it being a “cool gadget” means some people won’t even think about getting one – no matter how useful it really is), so as a quick demo I used my WordPress application to capture a photo and publish to the blog as we walked around the lake. Now I am at home and have time to myself, I have added to that initial blog – but the demonstration worked! (see image below!).

iPhone page of my blog

To make a screen grab on the iPhone, press and hold the top power button and then hit the single button on the front of the iPhone (needless to say, don’t hold the power button down too long or it’ll turn off!). The image will be saved to your photo roll.

In other iPhone news – I have found a way to get pretty much whatever ring tone I want – albeit only 30 second samples. You don’t need an unlocked phone or any fancy programs – just a few minutes of your time and you can do it too.

Good times.


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