Bad day worse

Really tired.

Didn’t sleep at all well last night, so I thought I’d have an early night tonight…. until I started to fix a virus (trojan) that had somehow got into Chris’s laptop.

It showed up as a windows warning screen that was actually a picture that replaced the desktop background.

It was called “Vundo, VIRTUMONDE” or “WinFix”, and there are far too many evil gits out there in web land who will try to sell you removal tools that you don’t need….or even add to the problem and actually contain more spyware and trojans! Virtumonde is a scam attempt to make you buy some scam software called XP-Guard, so don’t fall for it.

What really annoys me are the “free scans” you can get to search for viruses (such as Vundo remover)…that then require you to buy the full program to get rid of the 38 serious threats it found during the scan….threats that don’t exist and have been included in the scan report to scare you onto purchasing cleaning software that you don’t need!

As it is, I typed in the virus name and “Microsoft” into Google. It came up with Msofts own anti virus scan and fix pages. Simple and free. One scan later, and 23 dodgy files removed, and all was well (for now….)

OneCare – THE place BY Microsoft to go for Microsoft scans and viral clean ups
….don’t buy into these “clean up” tools you find on the net…most are from unscrupulous people who either want your money for a useless program, or who want you to install their program which will just add more spyware to your computer and not fix the problem.

Time for bed now!


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