How’s life?

Big fingers? No worries.....(ish)

Big fingers? No worries.....(ish)

Well, the touch screen on the iPhone is a thing of wonder! Those small keys are very clever – so if like me you have quite large digits, the iPhone takes a “best fit” of where your finger has mashed and uses that letter.

On the chance you manage to miss aim your fleshy stylus, the iPhone has a spell checker that automatically replaces the badly mashed word with the correct one UNLESS you select not to. Now I thought it should be the other way around, and that I should chose to replace the word myself – but in all honesty, I make a fair few fat finger foopars and the automatic word correction is just brilliant.

Okay, it has a few draw backs….I wrote to a guy the other day and typed:

Deas Peter“….

I carried on as in the corner of my eye I had seen the word change by auto correct.

Peter got back to me:

I’m perfectly alive thanks!

A quick look at my sent messages and I saw it had corrected to “Dead Peter…..”

Quickly I replied:

I’m so very glad you have recovered from your fatality…..

It goes to show, if you make something idiot proof, a better idiot will come along….

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