Gillette and the screw – Not all sharp things are good

I’ve been singing the praises of the King of Shaves Azor recently – It’s sharp, inexpensive, light and makes me feel a lot better…… but not all sharp, inexpensive and light things have the same effect…

Whilst out in the car earlier I had the windows down and could here a “click click click” noise that matched the car speed. It had to be a stone or nail in a tyre – It happened before several years ago…to my Supra and my old mk2 Range Rover (The Old Dog). The meaning of the noise is quite obvious, although sometimes you can get lucky and it’s just a stuck stone…

I drove home cautiously. The tyre was still fully inflated, so there was a chance the tyre was fine and the screw was really short. Once parked up and safe I removed the screw….

Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffttttt……longer than I had hoped….

It’s a company car, so a quick phone call and the garage will be out to fix it shortly.

Not all sharp things are good….

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