Nick Jnr Day out with Alex

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Nick Jnr Day out with Alex (48), originally uploaded by L.B.

We managed to get tickets for the Nick Junior Milton Keynes Bowl event.

Alex had just enough energy after a great day out in London yesterday to enjoy yet another day out!

It all looked like it should be a great day, but even though Alex enjoyed himself, I was disappointed at how it had been planned.

Alex tries to escape on his invisible motorbike...

The stage show was poor. This is summarised by the Lazy Town set…. a stand in Sporticus…no Stephanie, yet all the music was from the show…with Stephanie singing. Yup…they didn’t have the original people (fair enough)… but they didn’t even bother with a stand in Stephanie… I’m sure Alex didn’t notice.

Nick Jnr Day out with Alex (4)

As well as the main show, there were program based sub stalls….only a few and these all had 15 to 20 minute queues….great for a toddler…. There weren’t that many people there, yet these queues were ridiculous…and then the actual stall was about as good as a local church fair bouncy castle.

Nick Jnr Day out with Alex (37)

Alex had most fun running around the masses of open space that could have been more bearable for parents by having kiddies entertainers wandering around…but that would be too obvious.

Not very well put together at all. Bad show.

As for Alex, he’s just gone 2 1/4, so he loved it (apart from the queues and waiting). Colouring on a real car was a highlight for him – although many parents thought this idea was a real bad example to set toddlers…..again, well done Nickelodeon…


…and don’t even get me started on the £2.50 half a bap burger……yes….you read that correctly….

2 hours was enough though…. so we went home and had a meal with Alex’s Grandparents… Ah!!!! Great to see them!

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