Baldness, Sunshine and Calling Johnny Vaughan a hippy

King of Shaves and Capital FM held a sponsored head shave today in aid of “Help a London Child“. I had my head Azored (The new term for a polished top).


Whilst getting my Azoring by the very talented KoS Master Barber, Diane Woods, Johnny Vaughan stopped to chat about how short I had gone on top. Johnny had already been clippered, but still had a fuzzy head.


I explained to Johnny that I often go pretty short, so as it was for charity I would go down to the skin….then pointed at his 2mm long fuzz and called him a hippy. It seemed the thing to do.

Johnny "Hippy" Vaughan

A couple of hours later he also had his head Azored – so it must have been done in two parts for the show. Good man – After listening to his show I can understand why his counter part on Radio One (Chris Moyles) is losing listeners. Yes, Moyles was a breath of fresh air, but after a while it gets old, and he’s just doing the same stuff over and over again. I used to be an avid listener, and although his show is still funny, I find myself switching to CD or another radio station .

Whilst getting the Azor masterfully manouvered over my scalp Nicky Clarke walked by and stopped next to me. Well….. I wasn’t going to miss a chance….so I said…“Tell you what, I’ll put a few extra quid in the charity pot if you shave that lot off…..” Oddly enough he didn’t get his trademark locks removed, but he did have a grin on his face (So would I if I was in his position though, come on….).


Besides shaven heads, joking with radio and style celebrities and catching some time with Will King himself (Do you think Gillette or Wilkinson Swords owners would take time out like this? Me neither….), I went around Canary Wharf and Docklands with Alex and Chris….but that deserves a blog entry of its own…..

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