Azor by King of Shaves

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Azor, originally uploaded by L.B.

This new “Azor” razor by King of Shaves is so good I had to share it.

Currently available online at and Sainsburys – with more outlets coming.

It’s not just the Azor that makes me want to share my thoughts on this revolution in shaving – it is the company itself, and the founder – Will King.

Will King has created a line of shaving “software” to give a better shave – Oils, Gels, Moisturisers etc – and has now topped it of with this new blade design. It is far cheaper than Gillette or Wilk-Sword, but gives a much better shave (or at least to 70% of people trialled).

Not content with simply putting this product onto the market place, Will King and his team frequent popular social network sites like Facebook, and are quite happy to chat and discuss the products and any questions people might ask. Di Wood – a KoS Master Barber was more than helpful when it came to suggesting a better way for me to shave – A great personal touch.

KoS is very customer orientated – Try and talk to the Directors of the other big brands…

I know we all have very different skin and hair types, so I wouldn’t expect everyone to give the Azor two thumbs up.

I’ve always had sensitive skin and hard bristle growth. Each new razor that hits the market has either been a let down, slight improvement or the same as anything else. Where would the Azor fit for me? I was expecting a slight improvement – at best – from the Azor


The lightness and shape, really made using it a lot more user friendly in my opinion. That shape is in itself worthy of praise – much more ergonomic than any of the other razors I have tried.

The blades are extremely good. The last time I had a shave so close was when I used to use cut throats – but this time I had no concern about cutting myself!

This wasn’t just better than any other shave – this was streets ahead of any other shave. Hand on my heart – the best shave by far (and used with KoS products it gets even better!).

To round this off – I had to buy a second one as a certain lady in the house has also discovered how good they are!


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