Wipe Out!!!

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wipe out (2), originally uploaded by L.B.

Alex had a great day today with a friends kids (EJR). He was playing on all the toys in the play park. Whilst running around the park he changed direction and almost got wiped out by a big kid on a swing – luckily another parent was closer than I was and whipped Alex out of the way!

We then went on and played football all the way around the perimeter of the huge field.

By the end of it he was pretty tired – but carried on going with pure adrenaline. By the time I got him home the excitement was wearing off.

I made him a light meal as he was hungry….but the tiredness caught up. He had already sat at his table when I bought the food in to him…but by the time he had his first mouthful he was fighting heavy eyelids.

wipe out (3)

I decided that eating was not going to work for him, as his head was wobbling all over the place and his eyes kept shutting. I moved the table away from him and he grabbed it and pulled it back in…he wanted his food!

I loaded up a fork with some food, but he didn’t open his mouth….he just nodded backwards – gone!

wipe out


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