I won!

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Alex mar08 (4), originally uploaded by L.B.

Once in a while I wear Alex out before he wears me out!

Today we were rough and tumbling on this gold blanket (which he loves). He was dancing around to my old 90’s dance music (Ride on Time, Pump up the Volume etc…).

I was about to take him for a walk, but realised there was only an hour until lunch, so decided to relax on the PS3 with “Gran Turismo 5, Prologue – Spec II” race game. Alex likes this because of all the cars.

I put the blanket up next to me and he sat there, making car noises. 10 minutes later the noises had stopped and he was out cold!!!!

Alex mar08 (3)

It wasn’t long before the cats noticed the quiet Alex…on the blanket that they also love……

Alex mar08 (23)

…After a few sniffs, Miew decided all was safe and then tried to get into a good position to have cat nap with Alex!

Alex mar08 (1)

Alex mar08 (6)

Alex in his dozy state reacted when Miew cuddled up to him, and lifted his arm over the black furry hot water bottle!

Alex mar08 (11)

Alex mar08 (18)

Alex mar08 (20)


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