Finally got my home entertainent system sorted

Finally got my home entertainment system, originally uploaded by L.B.

Now Alex is walking quite happily he has gained access to previously unreachable places….such as the TV and home entertainment stack….

To fix this I finally got around to wall mounting the TV and hiding all of the components out of sight and reach. The trouble is that remote controls don’t generally go through walls (apart from the PS3 Bluetooth remote).

To get around this I use a cool little gadget that uses a transmitter placed in the “All-in-one” remote controller to relay remote signals to a radio receiver that then resends the signal as infrared to the hidden away components. This way only the TV is actually visible….which is quite useful, as when you have this many wires it is great to have all round access to the various components without the hassle of reaching through Hi-Fi cabinets and units etc!

Due to the new position I have been able to put all of the speakers up in the 6.1 (plus Sub) system. It sounds really great. The reason we went for such a major set up is that cinema trips are not so viable anymore now that we have little Alex. We both like our movies, so a good home cinema was a good solution. It does mean we don’t get to see the movies until they are released on Blu-Ray or DVD, but we can wait – not like those Harry Potter nutters who wait outside of cinemas to see what happens next to the over-hyped wizard.


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