My First Swim

My First Swim, originally uploaded by L.B.

1 day before he hits the big 8 months old and Alex hits the water.

We took a trip to the local pool, and after getting permission to take photos (because you can’t be too careful who you let take a camera to a kiddie pool), Alex splashed around whilst I filled up a memory card on my camera! Movies and pictures – and he has a huge smile in every one!

My First Swim

He loved the experience. I would have liked to swim with him, but I really wanted to get some “first time” pictures – and I’m really glad I did!!!

My First Swim

The pool is the one I used as a kid, and aside from a face lift (very nicely done) it is how I remember it. The seperate kiddie pool was empty (apart from one othe mother and toddler) when we got there, so it was nice and quiet. The video clips are very clear, and little Alex is giggling way!

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