Big Day Out

Bath Boy (6), originally uploaded by L.B.

It started with a bath….He loves his baths! Today we went to see Chris’s family down in Portsmouth.

We arrived at Grans house where Auntie Sarah and cousin Ben visited…

Ben (1)

Santa Alex

Then Alex got dressed up in his Christmas Santa clothes ready to go and visit Grans sister and her family.

Santa Alex (20)

First though cousin Ben had to play with Alex’s Tigger Feet!

Santa Alex (31)

And then onwards to Great Auntie Sandy, Great Uncle Taff and First Cousin (once removed) Roz…or something…it’s that “what relationship is so and so to thingy time again!” Ho Ho Ho!!!

Santa Alex (54)

Santa Alex (49)

A quick cuddle and play with Mummy…

Santa Alex (63)

…and it was back off home…

Santa Alex (7)

…and we’ll quietly brush over the bit where a tired out Alex threw up on the way home, causing the car to stink out and a new Santa suit to get a wash sooner than expected…


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