Happy ooo

Happy ooo, originally uploaded by L.B.

“Oooo” is what Chris sings out to Alex all the time…..the poor love!

“He’s an ooo he’s a dooo…..is he an ooo or is he a dooo? Maybe he’s an ooo AND a doo!!!”

Don’t tell me that won’t scar him in later life…..

Nakie ooo

Anyway, hardly ever a sob or a cry comes from little Alex…until he wants food or sleep!

He loves being awake and puts up such a fight when he is tired. When he is tired he tries so hard to stay awake that he starts to grizzle a little…then cry…then falls asleep anyway.

This top picture is the happy chappy just after his morning bath….which he loves! We really need to get him down to a swimming pool – He’ll love that!

Up he rises

Meanwhile he’s up and about…ish! He can roll about and he is trying to get his knees underneath him…..which currently ends up propelling him backwards quite successfully! He also loves being gently held whilst he stands up – and is getting very stable on two feet whilst staionary….and with a little help from a hand on his hip from Mum or Dad!

Tumble tot

Vocally he is also coming along with chirps, blars, squeeks and squeels! The BLAR and RASPBERRY follow up are his favorites!

In the morning he sits in his exersaucer and blars way…then turns and sees the cats eating their breakfast…and screams excitedly at them! They are getting used to it and now just give a slightly concerned look rather than skidaddling out of the house!


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