First cut

First cut, originally uploaded by L.B.

The “new” Lee Enfield is undergoing some major changes. It wasn’t in the best of nick when I bought it, but it does have a good barrel.

The plan is to change it from a single shot to a ten shot mag. Re-seat (bed) the barrel and action, then strip it and re-paint the whole thing….or something along those lines.

At this stage I have taken a chisel to the stock to make the slot for the magasine to fit, as it didn’t have one to start with.

Hole installed

To make sure everything sits firmly in place, but still leaving the full barrel length free from touching anything (which can upset the accuracy – this is called floating a barrel), I have used a glass resin mix to “snuggly” fit all the parts of the rifle into the stock to allow good clearance around the barrel, but everything else is tight.

The heat is on

Here is the resin setting under a heat lamp. I have also applied resin to texture the cheek piece and the grip on the stock. This will give better grip qualities…but first it’ll need sanding down a bit because as it is, it is very sharp.


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