‘O number 2’


‘o’ As in the ‘o’ between your buttocks. ‘o2’ are just a bunch of thieves who do all they can to steal your cash with their long winded automated systems. I’ve never had so much junk and spam since joining a new network as I have had with O2.
O2 – beware the hidden costs…..
They are masters at the call waiting, and slow s-l-o-w service.
“Of course we can change your pay as you go number to the one you were using on contract…that will take just 9 days sir…”
One call to Orange and 24 hours later I’m using the number I wanted with a better service provider – How can they do that when O2 take 9 days when I am already with them?!
I am now back to Orange who I never had any trouble with. Even though I lost my original Pay as you go Orange sim card (one year ago when I was last with Orange), Orange had me back connected with my desired number in 24 hours.

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