First solids!! (sort of)

First solids!! (sort of), originally uploaded by C.B.

Today Alex had his first solid (well baby rice) meal. He may only be 3 and a half months but he’s got the appetite and size of someone much older.

I had him weighed today and he now weighs in at 19lbs and 7ozs. Finally he seems to have levelled off!! He was putting weight on at a rate of 1lb per week but it’s been 3 weeks since he was weighed and last time he was 17lbs 14ozs so it’s slowed down a little.

The health visitor also thought that it was time for solids so we were given a book with some meal ideas and away we went.

Alex wasn’t sure what to do to start with but with a suck of milk after each mouthful he was soon away. Most of it went in to his mouth but as you can see some of it didn’t quite make it!

After a few days I can start mixing tiny amounts of soft fruit and vegtables into the rice but I think it’ll be a while till we can have the family sunday roast we’re looking forward to!

Today I bought some more sleepsuits for Alex, size 6-9 months. He’s growing so quickly, it’ll be weird not feeding him every couple of hours now he’s finally slowing down.

Poor daddy is working every hour god sends so missed out on Alexs’ first meal. But he does see the difference in Alex everyday being away from him.

In other news we got the national ranking of small bore shooters through 2005-06 and daddy is ranked 78 out of 1039 qualifiers!! with an average of 98. Not bad and well done daddy. The Bisley national finals are this weekend so watch this space. Alex and myself will of course be going along to lend our support.

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