The Puppini Sisters

The Puppini Sisters, originally uploaded by L.B.

I am currently listening to THE PUPPINI SISTERS

Very refreshing, very cool. Wonderful voices that can’t be described in words alone.

Harmony so good you can miss the fact that some tracks were just voice and no band….I had to listen a second time before I realised this on “In the mood”….

It is so fresh to hear such great vocal talent. In “In the mood” the purely vocal track needs no backing band. The girls build up the mood of the song easily with their harmonic skill.

How good are they? Well, I wouldn’t normally advertise in my blog, but I am making an exception – you need to hear them to believe them.

Why do I like them? Hmmm….My Dad was into the big band sound, and it is very much of his era…I picked it up and enjoy the sounds of Glen Miller and such like. I’m a blues man if I am anything – Mississippi Delta, Robert Johnson etc….but once in a while a sound comes along (or returns) and makes me sit up and listen.

Eclectic library…you betcha bottom dollar! I rank Henry Rollins and the Rollins Band as one of, if not the best heavy band. Well constructed lyrics, good meaning…and a damned fine sound!

From Rollins to The Puppinis…..and everything in between…I have a wide choice, and don’t constrain myself to stereotypical collectives….

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Go on…GO!!!


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