Alex and his new cot.

This is Alex in his new temporary travel cot. He had gotten far too big for the moses basket and we didn’t want (or have the space) to put up his lovely wooden cot bed.

He now has loads of space to thrash around in and he makes full use of it. Unfortunately Mr Elephant generally gets the brunt of it, but I don’t think he minds!

Alex also does a great impression of his daddy (as shown above). It’s so sweet how much he looks like his dad. Even when he was only a few moments old you could see the resemblance.

Alex is really getting the hang of hand eye co-ordination and makes full use of this at every occasion. Poor old Trouble got a fist in his face yesterday although he didn’t seem too bothered so it can’t of been hard.

Alex will be exactly 3 months old tomorrow, the same day as his gorgeous cousin Ben will be 1 year old. It’s Ben’s birthday party on Sunday and it’s hard to believe there is only 9 months between them.

Daddy is hard at work at his new job doing stacks of overtime so Alex and myself are missing him loads. Hopefully the move will happen in a couple of weeks (touch wood) which will mean at least 3 hours knocked off of the work day.

We have just bought an aeroplane door bouncer for him so watch this space for some cute pictures of that in action.


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