House move….

Well, it is all down to the line on this one – We’ve found a property that meets all the criteria:

It is for sale.

Our offer has been accepted.

It is in an area that will re-sell easily when we want to move.

It isn’t near a pub.

We had a look at loads of properties, and many of them were really badly located. On the bright side, we know where the scum of the world live now 🙂

The property we have gone for (touch wood…) is a quick sale in the area we originally wanted. Just a few hundred yards from a lake walk, and in a reasonably quiet area – well…very quiet area…and pretty cat safe (better than Portsmouth for sure). It is at the top of our budget so we can’t improve or do much for a while…but it is in a good livable condition, and as I said – it is a very popular area, so resale won’t be too tricky when we move on.

That is the thing I need to remember – this isn’t our dream house – It is the house to get us into the area and out of the hell that is Portsmouth.


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