Ear Buddies

Alex has been blessed with slightly folded ears. This used to require surgery at a later date if he didn’t want to be left looking odd, with folded or sticky out ears. Chris had the same thing when she was born, and she had them surgically repaired.

The only trouble with surgery is that it can go wrong, and it isn’t exactly stress free for Jnr.

We were told about Earbuddies (http://earbuddies.fresca.co.uk) by one of our health visitors, and we looked into them.

They are small flexible splints that allow you to tape the ear back, but without crushing or flattening the cartilage at the top of the ear. I put Alex’s in for him – yes, it can be done at home by the parent! The splint is shaped to the ear and held in place by butterfly stitches (like sticky tape – not actual stitches). They can be used from birth and best yet – if they are used in the first week, they only need to be worn for one week! Alex will need his for 2 to 3 weeks, but at least he won’t have to have surgery later in life.


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3 responses to “Ear Buddies

  • Philippa

    Hi there,

    I just stumbled upon this post and was wondering whether these worked for you? My daughter has some ear malformations and I’d love to be able to improve them non-surgically while she’s still small (4 months). Thanks!

  • rb73

    They work very well. My lads ears were folded totally in on themselves. They now stick out a little & he’ll still have surgery, BUT he was severe, and the Buddies have meant that a difficult ear surgery will now be a much simpler one.

    Some surgery can make a real mess, and there are some nightmare tales out there – so with Alex it was always a case of getting to a stage where surgery would be simple & effective.

    He could be left as he is now, as they look normal but stick out a little. We’ll see when he is 5 as to whether we tidy him

  • Philippa

    Thank you. I’m going to order some! She’s a bit old for it, now, but even if I can make a minor improvement it will be worth it.

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