Sudeep and Alex

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Chris hit the big 25 +1 on Saturday so we had a bit of a family and friends get together for her.

Sudeep once more saw what Portsmouth had to offer. As he left in his car at coming up near midnight, we saw a crowd of people coming up the road. We decided it was time to clear the streets so I headed home and he drove off.

Next day I find out that he had racial abuse hurled at him and was concerned that they were going to break his car windows as he tried to drive past them.

I don’t care how many Spinaker towers and fancy bridge lights they put up in this city – it is a waste of time when you have idiots like this around to trash it all.

A multi-million pound tower that the tax payers had to pay for (after being promised that they wouldn’t have to pay a penny)….and there are idiots like this on the street…BUT where are the Police. Well…they are underfunded.

Hang on…what about the cash that went into the tower? Am I trying to say it could have been spent in a better wy to benefit the city? I guess I am.

Alex, I wanted to have moved out of Portsmouth before you were born, but things didn’t quite work out. Hopefully this is the part of your history that you can’t remember. I’d hate for your first memory to be of this cess pool of a city.


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