AHB 12 May 06, originally uploaded by L.B.

Yup, Alex sleeps again!

He is putting on weight nicely, and is getting longer!

For a few days this Blog wasn’t working, so I couldn’t post much….and what did you miss?

Well, click HERE for the picture of Alex with the cats and you’ll see!

Some idiot social worker from Serbia accused me of being a bad parent by having Alex share his bed with cats.

The person is a first class idiot! Firstly the cats don’t sleep with Alex – this was just a photo!!! Alex sleeps in a cot with a cat protector over it. Secondly, how many kids are abused or murdered and then we find out the the Social Services KNEW about the circumstances but failed to act!!! Too busy looking for and causing problems than actually dealing with known issues.

This idiot acted on one photo. No questions asked, no research done – not even a quick look at this blog or the other Alex photos to try and ascertain if Alex was in a dangerous environment.

Now I think it is good that these people keep a look out for problems, but this idiot really needed to do a little bit more research than look at ONE SET PHOTO before coming to conclusions!!!

If I see a picture of a man with a bat standing over a small child, should I think he is about to hit the child….or is he showing the child how to play baseball? I guess the sports clothes and baseball hats should give it away, but if I were to follow this socila worker’s actions I would have the man imprisoned for life because of what I made up in my head.

Best thing is – my taxes pay for this treatment!!!

*calm – calm – calm* Anyway – Alex is so much bigger than he was – In only two weeks he has rocketed up (I mean grown up, not launched on a rocket – in case there are any social worker busy bodies reading). At 2 weeks he is now 7lb 9oz and already out grown his first clothes! The remains of his cord has detached and he fills his birthday suit up so much better now 🙂


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