People we know. No.6 & 7 in a series of ???

First Cousin, once removed…..?
Oh dear…trying to figure out who’s who is tricky! This is Roz, the daughter of the sister of my mother-in-law. Lost it yet? Even the charts can get confusing!

The important thing is that Roz is family and held Alex for the first time today. She jets around the world with her job and today bought her first, erm…removed…erm…bought Alex some dead cool Baby Gap clothes from across the pond in the USA. They look really great – Chris and I can’t wait to get Alex into them!

Aunty Sandy was here…erm…Great Aunty Sandy was here as well and had a lovely cuddle with the spoilt rotten little love!


Having family is very important – if you can get one that works! I’m quite light on the family side, but it looks as if Alex will have plenty of love from Chris’s side.

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