You’ll grow into it…

You’ll grow into it…, originally uploaded by L.B.

Poor little love! His birthday suit is one size too big!

First night home and he hit us with 10 minutes sleep for every 30 minutes grizzle. I slept by his Moses basket so Chris could try and recover from the birth.

I spent the night awake just gently holding his hand and stroking his head. He stayed quite quiet, but it took some effort!

The next night and he woke once at 3am. After a feed and change he put his head down again until 7am. Both Chris and I were a lttle better rested after that night!

Night three and he was a little terror to start with! He can put away his food! From 10pm until 2am he just dozed for under an hour a go, then demanded food! After a good feed and burp, he was sparko until 9am. Both Mum and Dad a little better of for that!


In other news, his Dad had to go out to shoot in a competition (although I would have rather stayed with Alex and Mum). It was at the Aldershot club, so quite a drive after such little good sleep!

To make matters trickier it was a 50 meter shoot…Ihave only shot .22 at 50yrds twice before, so the 50 meter shoot on little rest and a long drive would prove a challenge!

40 shots later and I had a 97 average 50m out doors. Not bad 🙂 A good start.


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