Tired but content

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Tired but content, originally uploaded by L.B.

Well, we have had a few minutes to get our breaths back…so a quick run through of what happened on the night of the birth.

I received a phone call from Chris at 8pm. She told me that the 6.30pm check ups hadn’t even been seen by the labour ward midwives yet, so her 10pm wasn’t likely to happen until the next day.

I stayed home to clear up ready…just in case…and Chris’s mum went to visit. She left Chris at 8.30pm on the 2nd.

I decided to pop over to the hospital just to say goodnight. I arrived at her ward door at 9pm…just as two “chavs” ran out shouting “We’re getting help!!!!”

I entered the room to see Chris on the edge of the bed and in pain. I pressed the call button (Chav guys take note…although thanks anyway) and comforted Chris.

Chris was in a great deal of pain and decided she needed to get to the tiolet as she felt sick. I helped her to the toilets and the contractions really started to kick in. Apparently they had started to ramp up at around 8pm.

I checked my watch and started timing the contractions ready to tell the midwife when she reached us (I had pressed the call button in the toilet so they would know).

I pushed Chris in a wheel chair to the lift and up to the labour in a chair that had less control than a greased shopping trolley.

Once in the room Chris was put on gas (her request) and in moments there was a content mum to be. In fact I was a little worried to start with, as she appeared to totally pass out (which was normal, it turns out).

As the contractions built up, the gas wasn’t enough, so an injection of Pethadine (or similar sounding pain killer) was given to her…and once more, mum to be was in less pain.

The really major contractions officially started at around 11.55pm and carried on until 01.25am. After one hour in the maternity ward of the hospital the Doctors step in. The reason being is this: If you are in the maternity ward, it is because your birth has been deemed as to difficult for the Mary Rose Birth Centre. If you have been an hour since your first major contractions, the Doctors just want to get the baby out. Two resons for this – The mother and baby might be at risk, and the second reason…other bumps waiting to use the room.

When the Doctor came in an hour after 11.55pm (the time stated by our midwife on the charts as the time of the first major “pushing” contractions) they saw that the head was visible, so left Chris to it for a while longer.

Chris was exhausted by this time. After waking at 6am on the 2nd, she hadn’t had any sleep because of check ups etc…and she really needed sleep by 1am on the 3rd.

Coming up 1.25am on the 3rd, Chris was on her last legs and was having trouble due to her exhaustion. Another contraction hit her and she made a lot of progress with it…a little too much.

After me and the Mid Wife telling her to push and breath, she wasn’t up for anyone telling her to slow down. She was tired and wanted to get it over.

From just seeing a small area of scalp to a split second of a wink later…there was Alex….about 12″ down the bed! From just a glimpse of the smallest bit of scalp to a whole baby…one fell swoop.

Baby was shown to me and I told Chris that we had a baby boy.

Baby was put on Mums chest for instant contact and then it was time to cut the cord….well, by then I had seen everything, and cutting the cord was a walk in the park for me. After seeing what Chris had been though I felt very small indeed.

Unfortunately for Chris, that “instant” baby meant that there was a bit of damage to mum. With the right people on hand it was all sorted out.

After the weighing and tagging, baby Alex, as he was now, was dressed and ready to go back to the Maternity ward with Mum (once Mum was sorted out).

Needless to say this isn’t too in depth, but those who have been there will know how to fill the gaps, and those that haven’t….well, you will love the moment. Chris said that after the event, the pain of labour seemed very insignificant, and said at the time she wanted to do it all again.

Guys – you can only pray that the never find a way for us to give birth.


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