Little fingers

Little fingers, originally uploaded by L.B.

Can’t say much….just wow!

I have a son 🙂

Bit emotional at the moment.

I had to leave Chris and Alex at the hospital earlier. She needs to be kept in with him whilst they make sure everything is okay.

I intended to leave at 5pm….then 5.30pm…etc. Finally I left at 7.15pm – and even that was hard to do!

Vicky, a friend of Chris from a long time ago (and more recently, a friend of mine), came to visit Alex today just after Grandma left. Chris really didn’t want many visitors, but Mum and Best Mate were exceptions.

Whilst Chris was busy doing mum things, I looked after Alex and talked to Vicky. Little Al was content being carried, chatted to and staring at the ceiling…gurgling and squeeking away…until there was a rumble from the wrong end…

So there you have it – 16 hours after coming into Portsmouth, Alex gave it his first verdict. It wasn’t the greatest of verdicts, as verdicts go. Babies are notoriously honest though….

At least he has now cleared most of the pre-birth “fluids” from his tiny body, so he can now start getting on with life after birth.


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