01.25am May 3rd

01.25am May 3rd, originally uploaded by L.B.

Baby Alex comes into the World to a tired but proud Mum and Dad.

The first photos of Alexander Henry Black

The name, chosen from a short list of two. Henry, after my father and grandfathers middle names (to give history), and Alexander because we liked it, and it can be shortened into many variations, so Little Al can choose what he prefers when he is older.

Apparently, and I have only just found this out…the names go quite well together. Alexander is “The protector of Men” and Henry is “Ruler of the Estate”. Currently it just means “Miews like a kitten” and “Blinks a lot…then dribbles”. Bless.


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2 responses to “01.25am May 3rd

  • Jennifer

    Rah! Congratulations! Hope you’re all doing well….’spect you’ll give us all the gory details later, but – Rah! again! Welcome Alex 🙂


  • Neneh

    Congratulations…. it’s a beautiful boy!

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