Drawn out….

Chris has been in hospital now since Sunday. The blood pressure is still high now and then, so the staff have continued down the induction plan….but even that isn’t taking quite as quickly as first hoped.

Finally today we started to see some proper contractions, and after a quick check up, we are looking at May 3rd…AM…..BUT due to the induction, things have often been known to be faster and more severe. A quicker birth, but a hell of a lot more intense. May 2nd might still happen yet.

I’m home to feed the cats, freshen up and pick some bits up for Chris. Back to the hospital for 10pmish to follow up on this mornings further induction procedures.

Chris is being a real fighter. Jnr looks to be big baby, and after all of the complications she has had, I just hope eveything turns out okay – She deserves it.


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One response to “Drawn out….

  • WelakaWombat

    Everthing will be fine Lucas just believe Bro.. Bump and her will be just fine I am more worried about you killer.. how are you?

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