NRA open day APRIL 2006

Pictured here is Raak (Richard), an MC player who came down to shoot a variety of firearms and meet up with me at the NRA open day. Also there for the day were a few more friends, and friends of friends.

I left Portsmouth early and then picked up Eddie and then carried on over to Bisley. During the day we met up with Raak (a crack shot for sure) and Adrian and Sally and their friends. Great people that made for a great day out.

It was very busy – much busier than the last time I shot at the open day – but still great fun. There were a few new things to try this time out: 1000yds rifle (yup! Both Eddie and I got them in the black! Eddie managed to get a better score though). I also tried a WW1 German rifle…and my shoulder is still telling me about it!

Top fun of the day for me was a 1920 Lee-Enfield SMLE Mk3. Wonderful rifle (it is what you think of when you think of a rifle!) with a great feel and solid kick to it. I kept them all around the bull, which made me happy and the guy showing me what to do. The German Mauser was the Jerries version of the Enfield. It used the same cartridge, but with a slightly different barrel and stock layout it proved very unforgiving when fired . Very unforgiving….

Chris had a relaxing day at home, and we are now settling down for a Chinese take-away. Jnr is giving a bit of grief to mum, and probably due very soon. I’m quite tired after the day out (and mum is generally!) so we just hope that Jnr isn’t anxious about the outside world tonight!

After the chinese I think I might look into getting an old Enfield – there’s something about them that you can’t put your finger on – They are history, but also a rifle that demands more of a shooter than the modern stuff. It’s like the difference between a new automatic car and an old 1920’s car. The new car may be all fancy and fast as it does everything for you, where as the 1920’s car still gets you there, although it takes a lot more effort from the driver, and is no way near as forgiving or easy going!

Top day out. With your mothers and fathers shooting skills, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jnr take up the sport like a duck to water – but no pressure. What will be, will be. Posted by Picasa


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