Fuzzy family members

This is Tigger incredibly handsome cat and big brother to Miew.

We sadly lost him at the ripe old age of 15 in April 2004.

Now we have a new family member on the way it reminds me of how lucky I was to have such a great friend while I was growing up.

I never had a pony and he used to be happy to oblige being dressed up as one as long as you then fed him like one (he loved food). He also used to fit quite happily into my dolls clothes (they were large dolls!!) and made a wonderful pillow.

Luckily Tigger loved daddy quite a lot even though he used to sleep on his side of the bed, take up lots of room and stop him sleeping by my head. Miew has been a great pupil and looks to be following in his big brothers footsteps.

Because of Tigger I think Miew will make baby and our next baby (oh yes, there will be one!) a great fluffy big brother and like me Jnr. will realise there is no greater friend than an animal (apart from Loooocas!!!!!!!).

Chris xx


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One response to “Fuzzy family members

  • Jennifer

    Blimey – the two of you are as soppy as each other! I blame the hormones…*grin*

    Best of luck…not long now!

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