4 days to go

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4 days to go, originally uploaded by L.B.

4 days to go until Tuesday 2nd. Zero day.

Chris has just had a rifle shooting result letter saying that she managed to get 3rd place in the National Womens Individual Championships (CLASS C) with 288/300.

She only missed getting the NSRA Silver Plaquette by a gnats whisker – The person in 2nd had also shot a 288, but had managed to put more in the 10 ring.

Not bad seeing as she was quite heavily pregnant when the competition took place, and wasn’t really in the mood to take part. She hadnt wanted to do much shooting during the pregnancy, but found herself entered into theis competition! Not bad going!

Meanwhile on Jnr front, we are both full of excitement for the arrival of the little one. I had a look at a house today and made an offer. I have already eyed up a room to become a nursery – IF we get the house!

The house I looked at is in Farnborough…well, Cove (my Dads birthplace and home). It looks over a green and is quite quiet. Hopefully it all goes well and we finally move.


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