Hell Hole

Hell Hole, originally uploaded by L.B.

You couldn’t make this stuff up…

We put the house back on the market this morning, and straight away we had two viewings. Mann and Co are doing their best to sort this house move mess out….no thanks to BEALES estate agents…bunch of cheating low life muppets.

Anyway, The first couple weren’t that interested, but the second guy (Gary), and his little girl were. The little girl was having fun playing with our cats, whilst Chris and I were chatting to an ex Navy guy who is training up to be an estate agent (he was doing work experience).

I said to the ex-Navy guy “Are you sure you want to do this line of work, after all, being an estate agent isn’t as safe as being in the Navy…”

BANG!!! THUD!!! BANG!!! from upstairs.

I ran up to see what had happened, and found Gary with his hand to his head, and Emma (the estate agent proper) asking if he was okay….

The loft hatch. We never use the loft, but Gary decided to take a look. Although it appears to have a bolt and hinge, the hinge isn’t there, and it is only the bolt that holds the door up. As we never use it, it was never an issue.

I recall viewing the house all those years ago and the door bumped me on the head, but I didn’t think anything else of it, as I had learnt that it was just a hatch panel and not a swing door…

Gary made his way downstairs where we gave him a seat and a glass of water. He appeared to be okay. Okay that is until he toppled from the chair and was caught by the estate agents. The shock of the bang to his head had set in and he passed out.

I called the ambulance whilst Chris and the estate agents put Gary in the recovery position and kept him aware of his surrounds.

A paramedic and an ambulance turned up and did some checks, then took Gary and his little girl away.

I put some hinges on the hatch, in case anyone else wants a look. Never even occurred to me that someone would try and open it.

As the estate agents left, one turned to me and said “If it is any consolation to you, he really liked the property….”

Hmmm. Even the house is out to stop us from moving.

I just hope the poor guy is okay. Damned house.

I wonder if we could convince him that he agreed to buy the property before he banged his head…..


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One response to “Hell Hole

  • Dawn

    Lucas – that is such a funny story – it could only happen to you!! What a memorable event for future recollections ……… Hey, i am thinking of buying a home – wanna sell it to me cheap??

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