What is left to do…..EVERYTHING!!!

So I hit the big 33 today. I must admit that I prefer experience over age, but would like the energy that I had back then, with the knowledge I have now. I can understand what people mean when they say that “Youth is wasted on the young.”

I’ve had a few regrets, but then again, too few to mention (I think there’s a song in that lot somewhere….). There are some things that I wish I hadn’t done, but given the choice and ability, I wouldn’t go back and change anything.

I am happy with what I am and what I have now, and it was my past that made me the guy I am now – the happily married expectant father.

Some advice for you Jnr – If someone offers you advice, don’t blank it with the headstrong belief of youth – Instead listen to the advice, as it could well save you time, energy, effort and anguish in the long run.

Why learn by your mistakes when you can learn from people who have been there before you? Learning fron others means that you have more time to go and make brand new mistakes of your own to learn from….

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