Food, originally uploaded by L.B.

Well junior, due to the imminent house move, take away food is a major part of life! Great excuse anyway!

This Indian pictured is the best for miles…or Km if Europe has had its way. It’s always a tough call between Fish and Chips, Chinese, Indian or KFC. If sushi was available, then it would be an easy choice for me!

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3 responses to “Food

  • L.B

    Needless to say, we don’t eat take-away ALL of the time. Chris generally cooks for when I get home from work. Once we move closer to work, I hope to do some more cooking, but at the moment I am far too tired at the end of the day.

  • Chris

    You’ll have to get me out of the kitchen first!!!

    I’m not leaving without taking you to a world of pain.

    You are a great cook though…..mwwaa!!


  • L.B

    There you go….Your mum loves to cook – and a great job she does too. 🙂

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